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Good evening, my name is Andrey Tovstonos, I'm a freelance web developer.

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For the last 12 years, I have been offering website maintenance services either occasionally or on-demand. My daily tasks involve assisting website owners with various activities, including:

  • Updating the CMS, plugins, and components
  • Enhancing website speed
  • Basic SEO site preparation
  • PHP and Javascript Programming
  • Configuring web servers
  • Setting up mail services
  • UX\UI Improving site interface, redesigning and refreshing website appearance
  • Creating a website logo or converting it into a vector format
  • Adding pages, products, articles...
  • And other tasks that help build your brand's online presence.
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Your website's most crucial traffic source is search engines, and there is a perpetual competition for the top positions in search results. Regardless of your business niche, you have rival companies vying for an advantage. Similar to sports, the better prepared contender usually takes the lead.

To thrive in the dynamic online world, your website necessitates an expert who can continuously and efficiently implement new technologies and oversee its status. Various businesses require more than just website updates, such as managing their brand's social media pages, ensuring current information on Google Business catalog and Maps, and promptly responding to customer inquiries.

How much does it cost to maintain a website

Periodic maintenance

hours per month
8 16 24 32 40+

240 €/month

8 hours * 30 €/hour

chart of dependency the price pre hour from the amount of time per month

All maintenand websites get:

  • Periodic visual inspection of website pages
  • Checking Error Reports
  • Checking the up-to-date of the CMS and its components and, if necessary, updating
  • Adding content
  • Image optimization
  • Promotions and offers management
  • Managing GoogleBusiness Brand Pages
  • Analysis of attendance statistics
  • Website logo design in vector format
  • Social media management
  • Searching for a good copywriter
  • Recommendations for the strategic development of the brand and more...

Frequently, website maintenance transforms into a role similar to that of an online business assistant. This is because it can be challenging, and at times unfeasible, to isolate a website from other online brand portrayals. A fresh promotion on the website should also be exhibited on other communication channels and vice versa. Different online tools must function collaboratively to produce optimal outcomes.

The cost of one-time tasks

One hour of my work costs 30 €. The minimum volume of a one-time task is 2 hours. To evaluate your assignment in terms of cost and time, please contact me:

Approximate cost

Web development depends on many factors, so it is difficult to come up with a price tag that reflects the real numbers. However, according to personal experience, I can definitely name these:

  • Website speed up to an acceptable GooglePageSpeed score = 150 €
  • Move WordPress or MODX site to another server and update DNS records = 90 €
  • Website logo in vector format = 75 €
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About me

In 2008, I was introduced to HTML, and my first website was a basic business card site for a local playground house manufacturer, created using tables which was a common practice at that time. Initially, web development was merely a pastime for me.

Over time, my hobby evolved into a full-time profession starting from 2010. In addition to building sites from scratch, site owners approached me for modifications to their pre-WEB 2.0 era websites. With the advancement of internet technologies, businesses had greater opportunities, and eventually, the era of responsive websites emerged. This marked the next phase, compelling business owners to develop new websites or revise existing ones.

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Currently, my focus has shifted towards maintaining websites instead of building new ones. Requests for redesigns or SEO optimization are more common than requests for new site creation. In fact, this market demand has become the primary motivation for me to structure my daily operations into a coherent and comprehensible business for my clients.

Maintenance of a site of any level of complexity in an amount acceptable to your budget.

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